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  Title Copies
[Journal to Neuchatel in July 1786] / Edward Austen Knight 
Year: 1786 
Call No: B8.2.159 
[Journal] [From London to Antwerp] [manuscript] 
Call No: Manuscript JOU 
[Knight family pedigree] / Samuel Pegge 
Year: 1731 
Call No: W3.1.76 
[Knight family recipe book] [manuscript] 
Year: 1793 
Call No: Manuscripts KNI 
[Lady's account book] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1810 
Call No: Manuscripts TOP 
[Late seventeenth-century recipe book] [manuscript] 
Year: 1675 
Call No: Manuscripts LAT 
Year: 1945 
Call No: B5.[Old Schoolroom Books].130 
[Letter to Frances Burney] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1780 
Call No: Manuscripts 
[Letter to Maria Edgeworth, from Mr. Batty]; [Letter to Maria Edgeworth from CSE] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1823 
Call No: Manuscripts EDG 
[Manuscript of an unpublished, untitled short story] There is a beautiful valley.... [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique edition 
Year: 1828 
Call No: Manuscript SHE