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  Title Copies
'Jane Austen and Addison's disease: an unconvincing diagnosis' / K. G. White 
Year: 2009 
Call No: Writers' Sequence AUS/WHI 
'Jane Austen's (1775-1817) references to headaches: fact and fiction' / A. J. Larner 
Year: 2010 
Call No: Writers' Sequence AUS/LAR 
'Jane Austen's lifelong health problems and final illness: new evidence points to a fatal Hodgkin's disease and excludes the widely accepted Addison's' / A. Upfal 
Year: 2005 
Call No: Writers' Sequence AUS/UPF 
'Jane Eyre' and 'Wuthering Heights' : a study guide / Jenny Oldfield 
Year: 1976 
Call No: 823 OLD 
'Ladies in the laboratory' : a chronological list of books by, or relating to women in medicine and science : recent acquisitions five / Deborah Coltham Rare Books 
Year: 2009 
Call No: 500.82 WOM 
'More precious than rubies' : Mary Taylor: friend of Charlotte Brontë, strong-minded woman / Joan Bellamy 
Edition: [New ed.] 
Year: 2002 
Call No: 823.8 BEL 
'Put down to a clear bright fire': The English Tradition of Open-Fire Roasting 
Call No: 392.37 EVE 
'Scanning electron microscope study of Jane Austen's hair' / J. A. Swift 
Year: 1972 
Call No: Writers' Sequence AUS/SWI 
'The Business of mothering' : two Austenian dialogues / Deirdre Le Faye 
Year: 1983 
Call No: Writers' Sequence AUS/LEF 
'The celebrated Hannah Cowley' : experiments in dramatic genre, 1776-1794 / by Angela Escott 
Year: 2012 
Call No: Writers' Sequence COW/ESC