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The Beggar girl and her benefactors. In seven volumes. By Mrs. Bennett, author of Welch Heiress, Juvenile Indiscretions, Agnes de-Courci, and Ellen Countess of Castle Howell. 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1797 
Call No: Writers' Sequence BEN 
Letters to a young lady, on a variety of useful and interesting subjects. Calculated to improve the heart, to form the manners, and enlighten the understanding. By the Rev. John Bennett, author of Strictures on Female Education. In two volumes. 
Edition: 2nd Hartford ed. 
Year: 1792 
Call No: 370.115 BEN 
The Miseries of human life; or the groans of Samuel Sensitive, and Timothy Testy. With a few supplementary sighs from Mrs. Testy. In twelve dialogues. 
Edition: 5th ed. 
Year: 1806 
Call No: B.37 
Extracts of the journals and correspondence of Miss Berry from the year 1783 to 1852. Edited by Lady Theresa Lewis. In three volumes. 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1865 
Call No: [G3: B.37] 
Ellen Woodley. A novel, in two volumes / by Mrs. Bonhote, author of Parental monitor. Olivia; or, deserted bride. And Darnely Vale; or, Emilia Fitzroy. 
Edition: First edition. 
Year: 1790 
Call No: Writers' Sequence BON 
The Life of Samuel Johnson, L L. D. Comprehending an account of his studies, and numerous works, in chronological order; a series of his epistolary correspondence and conversations with many eminent persons ... [etc.] 
Edition: 8th ed. 
Year: 1816 
Call No: 828.6 JOH/BOS 
Fitz of Fitz-Ford; a legend of Devon. By Mrs. Bray, author of 'De Foix,' 'The White Hoods,' 'The Protestant,' &c. &c. &c. In three volumes. 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1830 
Call No: Writers' Sequence BRA 
The English art of cookery, according to the present practice; being a complete guide to all housekeepers, on a plan entirely new ... with bills of fare for every month in the year, neatly and correctly engraved on twelve copper-plates. By Richard Briggs. 
Edition: 2nd ed. 
Year: 1791 
Call No: 641.5 BRI 
The History and antiquities of the metropolitical church of Canterbury; illustrated by a series of engravings [etc.] 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1821 
The History and antiquities of the see and cathedral church of Lichfield; illustrated by a series of engravings [etc.] 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1820