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The Shopkeeper turned sailor, or, the folly of going out of our element. Shewing what a clever man John the shopkeeper was in his business, and what a rash step he took in resolving to go upon the water. 
Year: 1796 
Call No: [B.187] 
Dame Andrews 
The sorrows of Yamba; or, the Negro woman's lamentation. To the tune of Hosier's Ghost. 
Year: 1795 
Call No: [B.186] 
A Memoir of Jane Austen by her nephew J. E. Austen Leigh. To which is added Lady Susan and fragments of two other unfinished tales by Miss Austen. 
Edition: 2nd ed. 
Year: 1871 
Call No: Writers' Sequence AUS/AUS 
The Italian, or, The confessional of the black penitents : a romance 
Year: 2000 
Call No: Writers' Sequence RAD 
The histories of some of the penitents in the Magdalen-House, as supposed to be related by themselves (1760) / edited by Jennie Batchelor and Megan Hiatt 
Year: 2007 
Call No: Writers' Sequence ANON/HIS 
Jane Austen and religion 
Year: 1996 
Call No: Writers' Sequence AUS/JAR 
Women's writing: Women readers in Europe: readers, writers, salonnieres, 1750-1900 / editors: Katherine Astbury, Hilary Brown and Gillian Dow 
Year: 2011 
Call No: 820.992 WOM 
Marinda. Poems and translations upon several occasions. 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1716 
Call No: Writers' Sequence MON 
Rich and poor. 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1823 
Call No: Writers' Sequence WAL