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(GEN) A long and angry autograph letter in the third person addressed to the novelist Jane Porter, deprecating the behaviour of her sister Anna Maria for attempting to form an attachment to the Margravine's son Keppel Craven while a guest in the Margravine's house, the lies Anna Maria Porter has told her mother about the Margravine, and severely censuring Jane Porter for her complicity in the adventure. 'The Margravine of Anspach requests Miss Porter will tell her excellent mother that Maria Porter shall be at Ditton as soon as with all possible convenience . . . she can travel there . . . That Miss Maria's partiality for K.C. should have made her imagine he encouraged her is not wonderfull . . . She [the Margravine] once some time since spoke as a kind friend & mother to Miss Porter; and from that moment Miss M. Porter took an aversion to the M.- and had misrepresented ever since to herself & others, every word & every action . . . that she hates every body that loves him [Keppel]. . . In short, the very attentions to the M. to Miss M.P. have been turned into crimes. Miss Porter the Elder may rest assured that every thing that Maria has said of her is as false as that she bolted her into her room & set two hours before there - she supposes to see if K. went there. . .', and more directly to Jane Porter 'her imprudence in the advice she gave Maria to flatter and compliment the M. in order that she might experience none of her Megrums & Mournings [?], two elegant expressions of Miss Porter has fully taught the M. what Miss Porter is, who could lay a man for 6 months to come, to end finally in uniting a son of the M. to her sister without her consent. Could not Miss P. know that a romance in real life, must at least have the Hero of it in the Plot. The M. hopes this will be a warning to the Miss Porters to confine their compositions to novels . . . that this may be a lesson not only of morality but of good breeding to 2 young women - who not only set themselves on a level with the M. - but above her . . .'.||(BIN) Folio. 4pp. (CON) A transcript of this letter is available here: https://chawtonhouse.org/the-library/library-collections/quills-and-characters-the-letters/the-margravine-of-ansbach-to-jane-porter/ 
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