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"Young boy reading" [sketch/watercolour] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1836 
Call No: MS FRY 
[Album of over one hundred engraved or printed eighteenth century Italian visiting cards, collected by Mary Berry] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1790 
Call No: Manuscripts BER 
[Album/commonplace book] of Ellen Cox, 1833 [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique edition 
Year: 1833 
Call No: MAN COX 
[An Album of engraved illustrations of female costume] [manuscript] 
Year: 1822 
Call No: MAN ALB 
[Autograph letter addressed to Jane Porter] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1809 
Call No: MAN ANS 
[Autograph letter from Caroline Fry to William Upcott] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1822 
Call No: MAN MIS 
[Autograph letter from Elizabeth Chudleigh to the Duke of Rutland] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Year: 1769 
Call No: Manuscripts KIN 
[Autograph letter to Harriet Waller from A. N. Naiyle [?]] [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique ed. 
Call No: Manuscripts WAL 
[Autograph letter to the editor of the Literary Chronicle] [manuscript] 
Year: 1819 
[Autograph letter, signed, to Henry Colburn] [manuscript] 
Year: 1819 
Call No: Manuscripts