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The Wanderer; or, female difficulties. By the author of Evelina; Cecilia; and Camilla. In five volumes. 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1814 
Call No: Writers' Sequence BUR 
'Breathes there the man' : Sir Walter Scott 200 years since Waverley 
Year: 2013 
Call No: Writers' Sequence SCO/ZAC 
[Album/commonplace book] of Ellen Cox, 1833 [manuscript] 
Edition: Unique edition 
Year: 1833 
Call No: MAN COX 
Plays from literature : Jane Eyre, from the novel by Charlotte Brontë / edited and dramatized by G. H. Holroyd 
Year: 1964 
Call No: Writers' Sequence CBR/HOL 
An Introduction to electricity. In six sections. The third edition. Illustrated with copper-plates. By James Ferguson, F.R.S. 
Edition: 3rd ed. 
Year: 1778 
Call No: [B.182] 
'An early modern feminist: the pioneering playwright Elizabeth Cary... '/ Liz Schafer 
Year: 2013 
Call No: Writers' Sequence CAR/SCH 
The Poetical Works Of David Garrick, Esq. Now First Collected Into Two Volumes. With Explanatory Notes. 
Edition: 1st ed. 
Year: 1785 
Call No: Writers' Sequence GAR 
The politics of motherhood : British writing and culture, 1680-1760 
Year: 1996 
Call No: 306.874 BOW 
'A strong smell of brimstone' : the solicitors and attorneys of Bristol 1740 to 1840 
Year: 1999 
Call No: 340.092 LYE 
A checklist of the "three-decker" collection in the Fisher Library, University of Sydney 
Year: 1980 
Call No: 016.823 HAR